About us

Rachel Kanner grew up in a loving house with two wonderful parents David and Gail Kanner and two siblings Heather  and Joshua Kanner.  Throughout her childhood her father kept teaching her different things on the computer. Rachel kept explorering different aspects of computers. She first started taking computer classes during the summer at Hofstra Summer Camp. At the camp she had knowledgeable instructors who were always encouraging her to explorer how to do knew things. She took the basic course. She became a counselor and started helping students learn how to use different languages as well as use the adobe suites. As she was assisting students her knowledge for building websites grew. She was able to build a basic website in notepad using the langauge HTMl then shortly she was abl to use the program Adobe Dreamweaver. She fell in love with using dreamweaver however she still used her knowedle of HTML.  She then learned how to manually work inside a computer whether it was to fix a hard drive insert memory change the battery. Even though she can do this her love for building and maintaining websites and montages are very strong.

Our history

2000- 2005

Camper at Hofstra Summer Camp


Counselor In Training at Hofstra Summer Camp


Couselor at Hofstra Summer camp in the computer depatment. Rachel assisted the director and or other teachers. Taught children how to build websites. Taught them the importance of building and maintaining a webiste and all the neccessary things that are part of it. 


worked in Compuers doing basicall the same but we were taken over by Game Builders so we had to follow there guidelines of how to do things. 


Worked in the office at the camp. Helped with the computers by assisting making Absent list, pick up early etc on excel. 

Our Staff

Rachel  Kanner